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ECHAlliance’s Innovation Director, Karolina Mackiewicz hosted the Day 2 of the Digital Health Society Summit, under the topic “Connecting innovation, knowledge and our communities”, and she has summarised the day with these 4 takeaways:

1. DATA – “It’s a key resource and a base of all our developments”. We need to exploit the different opportunities of the data, so that it’s not used only for diagnostics and treatment but also for predictive analysis. 

2. USER-PERSPECTIVE – “To create meaningful digital experience and sustainably scale health innovations, we need to address the values of the people and connect the digital solutions with the daily context of the user”. 

3. SKILLS – Involving end-users requires skills. Healthcare professionals, patients and the society as a whole need to upskill and reskill in order to benefit from the digital transformation. During the pandemic, the digital solutions were deployed quickly, the local and national authorities acted fast but some people, eg older citizens, were not able to use them. We need to act on that so that we avoid the “digital dropouts”. 

4. ECOSYSTEMS – We need ecosystem-based collaboration because “nobody has a monopoly on innovations and good ideas”. It’s great that “we are more collaborative than ever” and eager to connect for sharing and learning. 

Also, she said “we need to connect the policy and company level and the The Digital Health Society is a perfect platform for that”.

The recordings of all sessions from Day 1 and Day 2 are available to the registered participants on the event platform and will be made available to the wider audience shortly.

Learn more about the DHS Summit21 here