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The Global Health Connector Partnership Summit at ViVE 2023 in Nashville was a great success with a full room of healthcare professionals discussing this year topic: Global and International Opportunities in Healthcare

1. During the session, there was a strong and enthusiastic energy from the audience to address the many challenges faced by global healthcare. They were determined to be the change and work together towards a positive outcome.

2. Rich Scarfo, President of HLTH, announced that HLTH Europe 2024 will be held in Amsterdam from June 18-20, 2024. ECHAlliance will partner with HLTH for this event, as part of their ongoing relationship with the organization. Additionally, Scarfo announced that a new initiative called the Global Connected Health Village will launch at HLTH in Las Vegas in 2023, which has been developed in collaboration with ECHAlliance. If interested in participating, you can contact Heather Smith (

3. João Bocas, who is an expert on wearables and the CEO and Founder of Digital Salutem, one of our most recent partners, shared his insights on the development of wearable technology in healthcare.

4. Bleddyn Rees provided a high-level overview of the EU’s digital health legislative program, including the Digital Markets Act, EU Data Governance Act, Data Services Act, draft Data Act, Artificial Intelligence Act, EHDS Regulation, proposed new Product Liability Directive, and AI Liability Directive. He also discussed the range of opportunities this program offers for digital health and healthcare in Europe and beyond.

5. There were discussions on how to shift from illness-focused systems to wellness-focused systems, from treatment to prevention, and how the Shift Left, Stay Left 10x policy could help drive this shift. These discussions were linked to the UN Scientific Summit and the work of the Global Connected Health Partnership.

6. The event concluded with a lively Q&A session, followed by over forty minutes of organizations and individuals participating and expressing interest in ECHAlliance’s international work.

Learn more about the ‘Global and International Opportunities in Healthcare’ Session during ViVE 2023.