We are pleased to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) will participate at the DHS2017 to support the cooperation between China and Europe. AWS has been developing and working on a pilot project in China for Healthcare Cloud. AWS and AWS partner will join business meetings and share their knowledge in a keynote session to discuss the opportunity of becoming the Global Healthcare Cloud provider. 

After China Unicom’s recent mixed ownership reform, they will participate as a keynote speaker at DHS 2017.  China Unicom is a major player in big data development. DHS 2017 will be a window to show the progress in big data and the healthcare industry.


Presence of the Estonian Presidency of the European Union Council:

The conference will receive the representatives of the Estonian Presidency of the European Union Council in 2017, and the Ministry of the Social Affairs of Estonia in order to enhance the partnerships between Europe and China.


Chinese organisations who will attend the DHS 2017:

  • Representatives from 8 National Data Centers 

  • Academic Institutions: National Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC, Information Center of the Peking University People’s Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology-health big data, Health Investment Alliance, Universal Medical  

  • Companies: Neusoft, Xi Kang-Healthcare Management Center, Chunyu Doctors-online Hospital, Zhejiang Helowin Medical Technology, Esin Technology, Sichuan Yimikang Environment Tech


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