We have a request from our Scottish Digital Health Ecosystem and NHS Scotland for information;

The Scottish Government and NHS Scotland is currently in the process of reforming Primary Care. Elements of that reform include the expansion of the multi-disciplinary team so that people receive the right professional care at the right time and by the right clinician. 

One key component that underpins this reform is the prescribing and dispensing (of medications) pathway.   We are exploring options for developing a fully digital prescribing and dispensing pathway that encompasses all primary care prescribers, with the aim of helping to reduce duplication and improve clarity relating accountability. 

We would like to learn from other regions that have fully or partially implemented digital tools and processes that support end-to-end, multi-disciplinary prescribing / dispensing pathways. We will use this information to inform our thinking in Scotland. 

If you are happy to share with us what you are doing in your region, please contact Nessa Barry, Knowledge Exchange Manager, NHS National Services Scotland by email – nessa.barry@nhs.net by 02 September 2019.