Throughout their lives, people often need different types of health or social care services from multiple professionals such as nurses, social workers and doctors. However, these services are not always properly aligned. These services therefore have to be coordinated around people’s needs. In policy terms, this is called ‘integrated health services’.

The World Health Organization, alongside Tilburg University and Vilans have launched a European survey researching what values matter to different people in integrated care. The web-based survey is aimed at a broad variety of stakeholders: researchers, policymakers, managers, professionals, informal carers and user representatives across the 28 EU member states. The survey is available in English and will take no more than approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. All information recorded is confidential, and names are not being included.

It is of huge importance to include the views of different people across the EU in the study. So if you are a researcher, policymaker, manager, professional, informal carer or user representative in integrated care, please help us out by completing this survey. Your experiences and perspectives are very important and will be much appreciated.

The deadline for completing the survey is 31 January. Thanks in advance for your participation.