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Do you know about DHS thought leadership work in digital health including data, privacy, trust, security, health and data literacy, access, data quality, interoperability and reuse? Here is a summary of our work in the last two years.

The Round Tables are run independently by the Digital Health Society (DHS) together with our partner the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) and involved between 30 to 35 experts from multi-stakeholders to discuss and create consensus papers and views. The work was kindly sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft.

Round Table 1: Acceptance Criteria for Societal Trust in the use of Health Data (September 2020)

  • Working Group 1:The who, what and why of data use and reuse.
  • Working Group 2: Organisational approaches: Safety and Acceptance.
  • Working Group 3: Transparency & Trust about data use and value.

Round Table 2: A Recipe for Trustworthy Digital Health – standards, architecture and value (October 2020)

  • Working Group 1: Improving the (re)usability of data through standards.
  • Working Group 2: Enabling large scale timely access through adapted architecture
  • Working Group 3: Sustaining data sharing and access by demonstrating value and trustworthy decision-making.

Calls to Action were published in February 2021, combining recommendations from Round Table 1 & 2.

Round Table 3: Proposing a common basis for health data access across Europe (May & June 2021) published October 2021

  • Working Group 1: Transparency and trustworthy decision making.
  • Working Group 2: Social Compact and returning value from data use.
  • Working Group 3: Risk and reward: Data Protection for navigating evolving risk requirements to realise the benefits of health data innovation.

Round Table 4: Scaling up the availability and reusability of big health data (October & November 2021) published March 2022

  • Working Group 1 Interoperability standards alignment and adoption
  • Working Group 2 Data quality benchmarking and improvement 
  • Working Group3 Designing health infrastructures for large scale data reuse.

The report for Round Table 4 will be published in the next week or so.

We are delighted to announce our thought leadership work will continue in 2022 with another 3 exciting digital health events. Watch out for our announcements in the next month.