From our individual wellbeing to our security, efficient and transparent public services have a direct impact on the quality of our lives. When used to their full potential, digital tools to support the modernisation of public administrations could further facilitate administrative processes, improve the quality of services through flexible and personalised interactions and increase public sector efficiency. This CORDIS Results Pack showcases 10 EU-funded projects that have pioneered innovative solutions and processes to fully launch Europe’s public services into the digital realm.

cover of the Cordis results pack on digital government

Turning a vision and an ‘action plan’ into action

Delivering innovative eGovernment solutions and applying principles such as ‘digital-by-default’, ‘usercentricity’ – in particular ‘citizen engagement’ – and ‘once-only’ are some of the goals of the projects supported by the EU. By funding research that furthers these principles, whether it is putting in place technical solutions or encouraging citizen participation, the EU is bringing down the barriers that currently prevent us from exploiting digital technologies to their full.

Smart urbanisation and the sensors involved, the devices in our pockets, connectivity and cloud services are all powering open, innovative governance that enables people to access the services when they need them and how they need them. But the notion of the public as ‘clients’ is also shifting.

By harnessing digital tools to their full capacity, the public can become a true partner and, in cooperation with public administrations, can co-create the services that suit them.

In this context, European public administrations are interesting showcases for experimenting with new technologies, taking into account privacy, security and ethical concerns. This pack outlines some of the research and innovation actions helping public administrations across Europe to maximise the full potential of Digital Government.

Full Cordis Results pack (.pdf)

Article source: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/digital-government-co-creating-innovative-public-services-citizens-and-businesses