As you probably know, this year during the Estonian EU Presidency, the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia and the ECHAlliance have been developing theDigital Health Society (DHS) movement, involving number of stakeholders across Europe, policy-makers, citizen/patient groups, health and social care providers and professionals, researchers, start-ups and large companies, investors, insurers, etc.

During the event in Tallinn last October (eHealth Tallinn Conference), theDHS Declarationhas been launched and has now been signed by more than 70 organisations.

In parallel, the 4DHS Task Forceshave defined a work programme and an action plan in order to progress on each of the selected topics, and new members have joined.

All information onwww.echalliance.com/digitalhealthsociety

The attached communication provides an update on the status of the DHS, and the plans and actions to come.

It is also an invitation for any organisation or individual interested in contributingactively to the Task Forces to join the DHS, and participate to the next meeting at the end of January 2018 in Brussels.

We hope that the information in the attached document will be useful to you and we look forward to welcome you in the DHS.

Any question, please write toestonia-eupresidency2017@echalliance.com

Very best,

The Digital Health Society team
Estonian EU Presidency 2017