Västerbotten Health Ecosystem is a network connecting regional government, city councils, companies, funders & insurers, health and social care professionals, research/innovation centers and universities, patients/citizens representatives and investors to create a community that exchanges knowledge and learning, and creates opportunities for collaboration, research and innovation that will improve the way health and care is delivered in Västerbotten, through the use of new innovative technology and services.


Västerbotten Health Ecosystem aim to optimize regional healthcare by connecting healthcare organizations, academic medicine and industry and thereby expanding resources, reducing costs and solving complex healthcare problems faster than any one group alone.

In addition, the Västerbotten Health Ecosystem will seek to incubate, accelerate, embed and export innovative technology solutions and in health and care, coalescing around internationally-recognized technologies and data standards.

Västerbotten Health Ecosystem provides development opportunities for researchers and industry.

Västerbotten Health Ecosystem aims include

  • Accelerate the delivery and adoption of the latest digital solutions to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs
  • Create a pathway for access to health and care data through the development of APIs in a test environment.
  • Foster innovation from all stakeholders, encouraging cross-sector co-operation and implementation
  • Support the development of new products and services to drive business growth, job security and creation, ensuring prosperity for all

Learn more at ECHAlliance ecosystem page: https://echalliance.com/ecosystem/vasterbotten-health-ecosystem/