This is how you can help in the fight against Corona

Fill out our Corona questionnaire

Whether you are sick or healthy: Fill out a short questionnaire: Have you already been tested for Corona? Do you have any symptoms? Are you taking any medication? After answering the questions and providing your basic data such as sex, age or previous health conditions, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation and a link to your donor profile. Don’t worry: Apart from your e-mail address, we do not ask for any personal data.

Donate data regularly

After your donation registration you will receive a regular reminder via e-mail to donate your data again. Did you get symptoms in the meantime? Have you possibly tested positive in the meantime? Only with the help of this data can we identify trends in the population over time. Keep in touch with us: The more often you tell us how you are doing in the corona situation, the better we can read patterns from the data.

This happens with your data

We pool the data of thousands of citizens to search for patterns using automated algorithms. In this way, we hope to discover medical correlations that were previously unknown: Does ibuprofen really make the course of the disease worse? Are there active ingredients that might protect against COVID-19? If such patterns emerge, we pass them on anonymously to scientific institutions for testing. We will keep you informed about the results of the evaluations.

Help us!

Social distancing? Extremely important right now. But you can also help others at a distance: Fill out our Corona questionnaire. Every data donation counts and can save lives!