Innovation to Market (I2M) aims to bridge the gap between adopters of innovation (healthcare and social organisations) and solution providers. Its activities run through 2019-2020.


Implementing a digital solution in healthcare organisations, such as hospitals or insurers, can be challenging. Solutions need to fit the professionals’ workflow and needs, and clinicians rarely have the time to scout in detail for market offerings. Meanwhile, solution providers usually have cutting-edge technology ready to improve healthcare delivery but find it extremely difficult to showcase their product to healthcare professionals.

This activity: Matchmakers will gather together in 4YFN – the start-up event of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. Selected solution providers will meet and network with healthcare organisations that have identified an organisational need. The objective is to facilitate mutual understanding and networking to solve the demand side challenges.

Target participants

  • Healthcare providers, insurers and pharmaceutical companies looking for a concrete AHA digital solution
  • AHA solutions providers

Deadline: 14th November 2019 for healthcare providers, insurers and pharmaceutical to submit needs /24th January2020for suppliers to submit solutions

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Many buyers – whether public or private healthcare and social organisations – feel that they do not always have the appropriate skills-set to identify their own needs and guide their choices when adopting innovations.

This activity: At a free participatory half-day workshop, attendees will discuss the barriers to success and how to start a successful innovation journey. There will be outstanding keynote speakers and experts from other European healthcare organisations leading innovation.

Target participants: Innovative public and private healthcare and/or social organisations, corporations, insurance companies.

Deadline: Register before the live event on 2nd December2019

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Adoption Awards | Rewarding the adopters of cutting-edge technology in AHA

Successful cases of the implementation of AHA innovation are still scarce or not very accessible to the general public. Raising awareness and visibility of such cases might encourage other organisations to start the innovation journey while giving recognition to the pioneers.

This activity: Gives visibility and recognition to the first adopters of cutting-edge innovations in health.

Target participants: Rewards a tandem of adopters and suppliers of innovation that have already collaborated and implemented a cutting-edge solution.

The Adoption Awards will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Bonus track: the eHealth HUB Platform is now open to AHA


You are invited to join the eHealth HUB platform, the time-saver that enables you to scan the European digital health ecosystem (900+ players). This is a great opportunity to feature your organisation as a key player in Active and Healthy Ageing.  

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About I2M

I2M aims to advance the effective, large-scale uptake and impact of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), by building a comprehensive set of support and promotion services. I2M is addressed to organisations delivering AHA services and solution suppliers. It aims at facilitating relationships and increasing the impact of innovative technology-driven solutions.

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