Estonian EU Presidency, 12th October 2017

The Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia and ECHAlliance invite all interested organisations to sign the Digital Health Society Declaration and join the DHS movement

The Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia and the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), have developed the Digital Health Society (DHS) movement in favour of the deployment of Digital Health across Europe.

Because a holistic view is needed, the DHS movement has integrated inputs from a multi-stakeholders group, sharing a vision, between citizens and patients, policy-makers, health professionals and healthcare services managers, scientists, companies, start-ups, insurers and mutual funds, investors, etc.

The DHS Declaration, which received numerous contributions, is a manifesto expressing the current main challenges for the Digital health implementation and drawing the ways and initiatives from each category of stakeholders to achieve, in a collective movement.


This document is now open for co-signature and co-endorsement by all interested stakeholders and organisations.


The Digital Health Society movement aims to:

  • Initiate and coordinate European DHS Task forces on key challenges for the DHS; 4 have already been created on: interoperability, data governance, legal framework and digital transformation of health and social care
  • Generate and promote pan-European actions and projects, gathering the commitments of the stakeholders (all categories mentioned above) to progress tangibly on the listed challenges
  • Encourage voluntary cooperation by Member States in the implementation of digital health innovations at the European scale
  • Monitor and measure the impact of these actions and commitments and the tangible progress of the digitalisation of healthcare systems across Europe.



Join the DHS movement and sign the Declaration online: