100 million Digitally Connected and Healthier Citizens by 2027

The Digital Health Society movement has designed an ambitious research and innovation programme for health and wellbeing in Europe, enabled by key support activities and involving the EU citizens and the whole society. 

Its purpose is not to define each project or initiative but to define a mission target and to describe the components of the programme to reach this goal.

The mission aims to develop a series of support activities and research & innovation projects, driving to collect the data (relevant for health purpose) of 100 million European citizens, by 2027, and make them available (under conditions) for the purposes of:

  • Research
  • Improvement of health and care services enabling both personalised health and population health management
  • Citizens’ empowerment and self-management for a better health and wellbeing.
  • Innovation and development of innovative products and services.

What we mean by:

Technologies involved

The absence of such large cohorts of citizens’ data sets is currently a challenge to develop high-level researches and ground-breaking innovations for health, taking advantages from the most advanced technologies including:


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