Today the Commission announced new member organisations of the eHealth Stakeholder Group. The group will support the Commission in the development of actions for the digital transformation of health and care in the EU.

The Commission has just published the names of the new member organisations of the renewed eHealth Stakeholder Group with a mandate until 2022. The call for applications closed in September 2019 and the Commission received over 100 applications for a maximum of 40 membership places. In selecting organisations, the Commission took into account not only the eligibility and selection criteria, but also the need for a balanced representation of the different interests needed to support the breadth of digital health over the next three years.

Members are all umbrella organisations/associations with a European outreach, representing the following sectors/groups: the Health Tech industry, patients, healthcare professionals and the research community. The names of selected organisations are published in the Register of Commission Expert Groups.  

As part of the EU’s commitment to engage stakeholders in public policy making, the eHealth Stakeholder Group will provide advice and expertise, that will support the Commission to develop policy and implement the Communication on enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market, that was adopted in April 2018.  In particular in relation to the following areas:

  • Health Data, including taking forward the Commission Recommendation on a European Electronic Health record exchange format and the further elaboration of the baseline set of technical specifications and better interoperability
  • Digital health services
  • Health data protection and privacy issues
  • Cybersecurity for health and care data
  • Digital tools for citizen empowerment and person centred care
  • Artificial intelligence and health
  • Other cross cutting aspects linked to the digital transformation of health and care, such as financing and investment proposals and enabling technologies

The first meeting of the renewed Group is planned for 13 March 2020 in Brussels. Information about meetings, including agenda and minutes will be regularly published in the Register of Commission Expert Groups

Article Source: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/new-members-ehealth-stakeholder-group-start-their-work