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Dear all,

This report marks more than 10 years of creating and fostering collaborations across borders and silos.

We have learned a lot during that time. On occasions, we may have gone down the wrong road yet, despite that, we were able to accomplish so much. We forged an experienced team, created a global community, broke down many silos (though there are always more) and united many who shared the same dedication and enthusiasm as we do to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

However, enthusiasm and dedication are not enough. There needs to be light-touch organisation and processes with less bureaucracy to stimulate and propel innovative actions.

At ECHAlliance, we pride ourselves on providing that structure. Through our Global Ecosystem Network, we connect research institutes, governments, payers, providers, health insurance companies, community care groups, start-up and global industries, patient groups, economic development agencies and much more.

We collaborate on a daily basis with like-minded organisations who uphold our values and believe in the power of coming together to reach new heights.

As you will see in the 2020 Annual Report, we now have many allies and supporters in this task. We are humbled and thankful to everyone who continues believing in our efforts.

On a final note, I would like to leave us with one thought: there is no finish line. For that reason, we are committed to expanding and finding others who want to join the movement to make impactful and positive changes in health and care worldwide.

Kindest regards,

Brian O’Connor
ECHAlliance Chair