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Together with our partner I~HD we are delighted to publish today the full report of our latest Round Table “Round Table 6: Proposal for a Societal Compact for the secondary use of health data”.

The Round Table programme comprises of 2 virtual meetings of up to 30 multi-stakeholder experts from across Europe to discuss important health data and digital subjects. The Digital Health Society and I~HD then independently create reports with recommendations for actions to address the issues identified in the Round Table.

In 2020 Round Tables 1&2 created 7 Calls to Action to help shape the development of the European Health Data Space. Round Table 3 developed the concept of a Societal Compact as a way of enabling access to health data.  Round Table 6 deep dived into the idea of a Societal Compact and has created a proposal to create the first Societal Compact. If there is good support from stakeholders, the proposal could form the basis for the development of the first Compact for signature by supporting organisations and individuals.

We note the UN is developing a proposed Digital Compact and it will be interesting in due course to see what exactly this proposes and includes. At the UN General Assembly Science Summit in September 2023 we will outline our Proposal for a Societal Compact for the secondary use of health data.

Read the RT6 Proposal

Read the full report of RT6

To understand the original thinking behind the idea of a Compact read the RT3 Report (Working Group 2)

Read the RT3 Report

If you have any comments on the Proposal or would like to support it please email