How do you get EIP on AHA Reference Sites, EUREGHA Regions, CORAL Communities and ECHAlliance Ecosystems and members in the same room?

Invite them all to the ECHAlliance Annual Gathering! 

On 7 December in Brussels Collaboration happened in real time as the members of the Coalition of the Willing discussed and agreed specific actions for 2018, they include: 

  • Identifying those Regions where there already are EIP on AHA Reference Sites, EUREGHA members, CORAL Members and an ECHAlliance Ecosystem.
  • The objective then is to connect the dots, link these organisations and strengthen our collective efforts in that Region.
  • To create partnerships to bid for H2020 and other funding streams 

The organisations share a determination to, do good, to accelerate the deployment of Digital Health Solutions at Scale and recognise they can do more and do it more quickly by working on specifics together.

“Listening to the presentations from CORAL, EUREGHA, EIP on AHA Reference Sites and Ecosystems illustrated how our aspirations coincide and how this collaboration can make a real difference ” said Brian O’Connor ,Chair of the ECHAlliance



This meeting offered the opportunity to meet in one point and discuss the multiple initiatives across Europe acting for a better implementation of Digital health, the sessions:

  • “The Coalition of the Willing, a unique implementation network for innovations in health”:this joint action gathers 4 major pan-europeans organisations,ECHAlliance (ecosystems), CORAL (Communities)  EUREGHA (regions) and the EIP on AHA Reference Sites Collaborative Network (RSCN) ( sites). More here
  • The ECHAlliance International Network of Ecosystems”: Ecosystems from across Europe presented on their work and opportunities for collaboration. More here
  • “ECHAlliance working groups, reference points of expertise in Europe”: our WGs aim to support current work and potential future ventures for innovation in health across Europe. Gathering high-level experts, suppliers and decision-makers, the WGs act as a forum to test thinking, share best practices and provide advices for large scale deployment of innovations in Europe, More here
  • The Digital Health Society”: the DHS is an initiative launched by the ECHAlliance and the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia, during the 2017 Estonian EU Presidency. It aims to develop operational tools and tangible action plans to tackle the main challenges for the implementation of Digital health in Europe. Bringing together national and regional governments, citizens/patients groups, healthcare organisations and professionals, insurers, companies and start-ups, researchers, experts, investors, etc.. More here
  • Horizon 2020 Workshop: this workshop was an opportunity to learn about upcoming calls and identify potential partners. The attendees got interesting tips from our H2020 expert.

The presentations are available here

Photo Gallery here