Interoperability and standards

Led by Catherine Chronaki, HL7 Foundation, this group includes National Ministries of Health and associated agencies, Regional Governments, Standards organisations, Industry representatives, Researchers, Patients’ groups, Health Professionals, CIOs/CCIOs and Health IT managers and experts.


Led by Angela Brand, Professor at the University of Maastricht see short bio here, this Task Force gathers a large range of stakeholders: policy-makers, industry representatives researchers, patients groups, payers, etc.

This Task Force will promote and develop innovative citizen-controlled data governance models, such as health cooperatives, and raise awareness within the European society about the benefits of sharing data, through communication campaigns and a specific work around the Data Donors concept. Data is not limited to healthcare systems data but refers also to Social Care and other Personal Data.

legal Framework for the free flow and
secondary use of health and care data

Led by Bleddyn Rees, Lawyer and digital health expert at Osbourne Clarke see short bio here, this Task Force bring together lawyers, legal experts, policy-makers and industry representatives.

The Legal Framework around health data management is a competence of each Member state. Therefore, the harmonisation of these legal frameworks should be a collaborative work between Member states and regions across Europe. One of the main challenge is to enable cross-border exchanges of data between EU countries and regions. This would provide benefits for research but also for the implementation of innovative practices and solutions leading to health and social care services improvement.

The starting point of the TF3 work is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), entering in force next may 2018. The Member states are currently working on the implementation of this regulation into their national framework. This represents an important challenge for administrations, health and social care providers and the industry. In particular, the concept of the individual consent which is a strong element of GDPR requires some work at the legal and technological level. The Task Force 3 aims to develop new principles ensuring a common framework, for Member states and regions to sign up to.

digital Transformation and change management
in health and social care orgAnisations

Led by Jane Carolan, National Director at Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland, this Task Force gathers managers of health and social care services at national/regional level, disruptive innovators and industry actors who are leading processes of change management and digital transformation of their organisation.


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