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The Digital Health Society (DHS) is delighted to announce the appointment of 3 new Board Directors. 

Maritta Perala-Heape is a Professor of Practice in Data-enabled Health Care Solutions and Innovation Ecosystem in the Department of Medicine at University of Oulu. Oulu was one of the first ECHAlliance ecosystems to join ten years ago, and Maritta has worked for many years at the Centre of Digital Health Developments in Finland and Europe.  

Valentina Tageo  has for the last eleven years been a European Research Project Manager and more recently the International Projects Director at European Connected Health Alliance. Valentina’s fields of interest and research are health and social innovation with a focus on the use of ICT to improve quality, effectiveness and uptake of innovative public services. She is Italian and currently resides in Barcelona. 

Julien Venne is a researcher at United Nations University and Maastricht University, as well as an international business strategist, expert in digital health and a director at ECHAlliance. Julien spent five years as Executive Director of Strategy and Innovation at ECHAlliance and was instrumental in designing and then establishing the Digital Health Society during the Estonian Presidency in 2017. He is French and currently resides in in Barcelona.  

Bleddyn Rees Chair of the DHS affirms “These appointments increase the digital health and technology skills of the Digital Health Society and strengthen the experience and skills of the Board. The pandemic has accelerated the development and deployment of digital health infrastructures and solutions, and these appointments are an important next step in the development of the work of DHS.”