The Digital Health Society launches its moonshot mission:
100 million Digitally Connected Healthy EU Citizens by 2027


Born during the Estonian EU Presidency of the EU Council in 2017, the Digital Health Society (DHS) movement aims to enable with the support of digital innovative solutions:
  1. Better health and wellbeing for EU citizens;
  2. Sustainable health and care systems;
  3. EU competitiveness and growth. 

The DHS is an open platform bringing together organisations across all sectors, and attracting interests and supports from Member States, Regional Governments, Health and care Providers, SMEs/start-ups and large companies, Research Organisations, Citizens’ and Patients’ groups, Insurers and Mutual Funds, NGOs, etc. Over 200 organisations across Europe have participated in the DHS movement since 2017.

Aligned with the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy and willing to support the action of the European Commission, and of the EU Member states and regions, the DHS is proposing now a collective work around the moonshot objective and mission:

100 million 
Digitally Connected Healthy EU Citizens 
by 2027
This moonshot mission aims to develop a series of activities and research & innovation projects, driving to collect and connect the data of 100 million European citizens, by 2027, and make them available (under conditions) for the purposes of:
  • Research
  • Improvement of health and care services
  • Citizens’ empowerment and self-management for a better health and wellbeing
  • Innovation and development of innovative products and services

You can read here the current abstract of the mission (work in progress).

The DHS, as an open movement, is keen to receive the contribution and support from all stakeholders interested in this moonshot.

Please contact us: julien@echalliance.com 

The Digital Health Society team