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  • 2018 action plan of the DHS Task Forces
  • 100 million Digitally Connected Healthy EU Citizens by 2027

The Digital Health Society (DHS), an open multi-stakeholder movement, is both 

  • A Digital Health thought leadership platform to exchange knowledge, experiences, best practices, success stories.
  • A Lab, an innovation factory able to incubate and accelerate research & innovation projects and experimentations, but also, with the “Coalition of the Doers”, to deploy at large-scale innovative solutions for Digital Health. We will utilise the existing Networks of our members, in Regions, Countries and Communities to ensure practical implementations.
In order to focus on a same vision for Digital health in the future, the DHS community has designed a moonshot mission, aiming to support EU’s, Member states’ and regions’ policies and strategies around the Digital Single Market and Digital Health and care.

The Moonshot: 100 million Digitally Connected Healthy EU Citizens by 2027

It is an ambitious research and innovation programme for health and wellbeing in Europe, enabled by key support activities, and involving the EU citizens and the whole society.
See the
full description and its abstract.

Task Forces

For this purpose, the DHS community and its 200+ organisations have created 4 Task Forces focusing on key challenges:

  1. EU convergence on interoperability and standards
  2. Citizen-controlled Data Governance and Data Donors
  3. Legal Framework for the Free flow and secondary use of health data
  4. Digital Transformation and change management in health and care organisations

All stakeholders are welcome to contribute to the Task Forces’ work.

You will find in the DHS detailed 2018 action plan, the activities you could join during the next months, such as meetings, workshops, brainstorming sessions, desk research work, pilot and experimentations design, projects implementation, webinars and events.

Next Event

You’re invited to join a presentation of the DHS update and of the moonshot mission during HIMSS Europe conference in Sitges, on Tuesday 29th May at 8am. Full agenda of the HIMSS Europe conference and registration here (discount code for ECHAlliance members).


For more information contact:
Julien Venne
Director of Strategy and Innovation


100 million Digitally Connected Healthy EU Citizens by 2027 


100 million Digitally Connected Healthy EU Citizens by 2027 


DHS detailed 2018

DHS 2018 Action Plan

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