At the Digital Health Society (DHS) Summit “Connecting Digital Health & Data Initiatives in Europe” we announced the release of our Global Health Connector tool, which has been made available for our members.  The Global Connector tool provides a visual representation of our 28 regionally focussed, permanent multi-stakeholder partnerships. 

One of the ECHAlliance members Aitia (formerly HSD Estonia) has mapped all our global memberships, including those belonging to the Community of Regions for Assisted Living (CORAL), European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA), Rare Diseases Europe (EURODIS) and the Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health (CWCDH).  The interactive map not only shows the location of each partnership but the quantity in each area.

The map is a way for us to connect quickly and see the extent of our collaborations across the globe. It can be embedded on each members’ own sites for their partners and in the future can be used as a data resource.  We are promoting “partnerships and collaboration” and are adding real value for our members.

The map is currently being shown on the ECHAlliance website.