The Digital Health Society (DHS) movement was born during the Estonian EU Presidency in 2017, which focused on the development of a digital society in Europe, enabled by the free flow of data, as the fifth freedom right in the European Union.
Launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia and the ECHAlliance as a call for action, the 1st objective of the DHS has been to bring together all stakeholders of the digital health ecosystem around the table to drive the agenda of the EU Presidency. It transformed the Presidency in a pragmatic initiative focusing on implementation, rather than being an institutional and policy-makers’ exercise only. The mantra of the Estonian Presidency has then been defined as “Health in the Digital Society and the Digital Society for health”, and a Declaration was signed during the high-level eHealth conference in Tallinn in October 2017, presenting a joint vision of the challenges that Europe is facing to modernise its health and care systems.

DHS Community

The Digital Health Society (DHS) movement is a community of organisations representing citizens, consumers and patients, policy-makers, health professionals, health and care services managers and workers, scientists, companies, start-ups, insurers and mutual funds, investors, etc. 200+ organisations have joined the DHS movement. All stakeholders willing to develop actions to foster the deployment of Digital health across Europe, are welcome to join the DHS movement, including:

Policy makers

Member States, Regions, Cities and Local Authorities with their administrations and agencies

SMEs/ start-ups, large corporates

Their representatives (clusters, incubators and accelerators, technology or science parks and trade associations);

Health & Social Care

Providers and professionals

Research organisationa

Universities, engineering/business schools, public or private research centres

Payers of health & social care (public & private)

Insurers, mutual funds, pension funds;

Patients, citizens, consumers groups


Venture Capital, social impact investment, seed funding

EU networks, NGOs and the third sector

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Focus on bringing value to the citizen and the society.

Digital health requires the cooperation of all.

The movement is open to all organisations wishing to act for better health and wellbeing.

This is not a “talking-shop”. It’s an enabler for large-scale deployment of evidence-based solutions.

The DHS movement is at the “coalface.” The frontline delivery of health services around the world. 


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