Romania has taken over the presidency of the EU Council on health today


Minister of Health, Pintea Sorina:

“Romania has taken over the presidency of the EU Council on health today.”

Sorina Pintea, Health Minister, took over from the Austrian counterpart Beate Hartinger-Klein the mandate of the rotating presidency of the EU Council.

“Starting January 1, 2019, we will have the responsibility to coordinate one of the most important institutions, the Council of the European Union (EPSCO). We are ready to act honestly and neutral in the field of development and consolidation of the European project”, said Sorina Pintea, Minister of Health.

Romania’s Healthcare Presidency will continue its efforts to advance the EU agenda on issues with impact and benefits for patients. The goal pursued by our country during the mandate is the guarantee of access to health for all European citizens.

Romania will make every effort to make progress on the Legislative dossier on the Health Technology Assessment Plan (HTA).

The program of the Romanian Presidency in the field of health comprises 5 priority themes that relate to antimicrobial resistance, vaccination, equal access to medicines for patients in the EU, patient mobility and eHealth.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and associated infections is a topic of particular interest to Member States, given that the EU region is experiencing an increase in antimicrobial resistance due to the irrational use of antibiotics. Romania will organize a ministerial conference in Bucharest on this issue, drawing on results and conclusions, to develop a Draft Conclusion that will then be negotiated with the 28 EU member states.

Vaccination of the population is another issue of concern in terms of lower vaccine coverage, increased vaccination hesitation and pressure to develop new and effective vaccines. In this area, our country will facilitate the exchange of information and best practices on vaccination programs in Europe, identifying solutions for increasing vaccination rates and better procurement of vaccines within a workshop organized in Cluj – Napoca.

Regarding access to medicines, the Romanian Presidency will continue the strategic debate in the Council on patient access to affordable, affordable medicines and therapies. The topic will be included on the agenda of the Informal Meeting of Health Ministers scheduled for April in Bucharest. On this occasion, we will also discuss the topic of treating the diseases of the hepatitis C virus.

Patient mobility will be a subject addressed in the context of the assessment of the state of implementation of Directive 24/2011 / EU on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare.Romania will debate patient mobility with a view to ensuring equal treatment for all European patients with rare diseases and under 18 years.

The Romanian Presidency will organize an e-Heath week in Bucharest with a series of events dedicated to health informatics.